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The Commonwealth Government has introduced amendments to the Privacy Act 1988, that took effect on 21 December 2001. The amendments introduced the requirement for organisations to adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles when involved in the collection, use and disclosure of an individual’s personal information.

This Privacy Policy outlines how we manage your personal information. It describes the sorts of personal information held and for what purposes and how that information is collected, held, used and disclosed. It also details how you can resolve any privacy issues you may have with our company.

Personal information is information about individuals where the individual can be identified or can reasonably be ascertained from the information. It may include points such as your name, address, age, insurance history or financial details.

Sensitive information is personal information that reveals racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or affiliations, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, details of health disability, sexual orientation or criminal record. This type of information will not be collected nor disclosed without your consent, unless required by law or the collection is required for the establishment, exercise or defence of a legal equitable claim.

We have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles which set out standards for the collection, use, disclosure and handling of personal information. We are committed to respecting your right to privacy and protecting this information.

Our Privacy Policy applies to any personal information we collect, use or disclose after 21 December 2001 and applies to all your dealings with us. It does not apply to our employee records, however appropriate levels of confidentiality are maintained for these at all times.

Principles of Our Privacy Policy:

1. How and why we collect personal information
2. How we use and disclose personal information
3. What we expect of you and third parties we deal with
4. Security of your personal information
5. Access to your personal information
6. Transfer of information overseas
7. Complaints Procedure
8. How to contact us

1. How and why we collect personal Information:

We will not collect personal information unless the information is necessary for its legitimate functions or activities. Collection will only be by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.

We may directly or indirectly collect this information to enable us to provide our clients with financial services or products including arranging insurance or reinsurance and managing insurance claims or other risks.

2. How we use and disclose personal information

We will not use or disclose personal information for any purpose that is unrelated to our services and that you would not reasonably expect (except with your consent).

Unless otherwise instructed, we may disclose this information to other organisations where we believe it is necessary to assist them and us in providing their services. Recipients will typically be insurers, reinsurers, other insurance intermediaries, accountants, employers, health workers/ medical practitioners, investigators, solicitors, loss adjusters, state or federal health authorities, mortgagees, regulatory bodies and interested parties, other professional advisers, and suppliers or repairers (for the purpose of investigating or assisting with a claim).

Where your personal information is disclosed, we will seek to ensure that the information is held, used or disclosed consistently with the Australian Privacy Principles and other applicable privacy laws and codes.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

If the required personal information is not provided, we or any involved third parties may not be able to provide appropriate services.

3. What we expect of you and third parties we deal with

When you provide personal information about other individuals, we rely on you to have made them aware that you will or may provide their information to us, the purposes we use it for, the types of third parties we disclose it to and how they can access it (as described in this document).

If you have not done this, you must tell us before you provide the relevant information.

If we give you personal information, you and your representatives must only use it for the purposes we agree to. Where relevant you must meet the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988, when you collect, use, and handle personal information on our behalf.

You must also ensure that your agents, employees and contractors meet all of these requirements.

4. Security of your personal information

We may store your personal information electronically or in hard copy. We endeavour to protect it from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

We maintain computer and network security, e.g. the use of fire walls (security measures for the internet) and other security systems such as user identifiers and passwords to control access to computer systems.

5. Access to your personal information

You may access your personal information held by us and you may let us know if you think it inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. No fee will be charged by us for an access request. However we may charge the reasonable cost of complying with the access request. There are some limited situations that are set out in the Australian Privacy Principles where access may not be allowed.

6. Transfer of information overseas

We may transfer your personal information overseas where it is necessary to provide our service, however this will not occur without your permission unless the country is subject to a comparable privacy scheme.

7. Privacy Complaints

Any privacy complaints should first be referred to the relevant staff member and their manager. Any unresolved complaints should be referred to the Privacy Commissioner.

8. How to contact us

Please contact us if you would like to:
- Find out more about the way we manage personal information.
- Access your personal information held by our office.
- Provide details for us to correct or update your personal information we hold.
- Complain about a breach of privacy.
- Discontinue receiving information about our products or services; or
- If you do not want us to disclose your personal information to other organisations.

For further information on Privacy visit the Federal Privacy Commissioner’s website at:

Download FSG here (PDF - 611kb)

Read these Online Terms to understand how Total Insurance Agencies:
- operates and regulates its online sites including its social media sites; and
- operates its main website.

1. About Total Insurance Agencies’ online sites

1.1 Total Insurance Agencies (ABN 22 196 121 142) (Total Insurance Agencies, we or us) operates Total Insurance Agencies online sites (Online Site(s)), including our:

1.1.1 main website ( including its related domains and pages) (Main Site); and 1.1.2 social media site(s) including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn Instagram and Twitter as operated from time to time.

Please be aware that certain parts of our Main Site may additionally function as a Social Media Site. By this we mean that the information and content you submit to a social media section of our Main Site will be freely visible to other website users. Any social media sections of our Main Site will be either clear to you from their design, or we will otherwise inform you of their public nature. Any information or content you supply to our Social Media Site(s) will be treated by Total Insurance Agencies in accordance with terms 3 and 5, and otherwise in accordance with these Online Terms (as relevant).

1.2 Our Online Site (including any sub-pages, related transactional domains and pages, or other Total Insurance Agencies branded online pages which include an authorised link to an Online Site) may include product advertising, services, information, text, graphics, materials, social media forums, applications, functions and promotions, unless disclaimed otherwise or where not permitted by law or by an online host site’s rules (Site Content). Your use of any of our Online Sites, including any Site Content, is governed by these Online Terms and our privacy policy.

1.3 As part your use of our Online Sites or Site Content you may need to agree to the terms of use of a website or application that is owned and/or hosted by one or more third party providers. If any term within these Online Terms should conflict with any third party’s terms of use, the later will prevail to the extent of the conflict insofar as your use or access to that third party site or third party application is concerned.

2. Links to other websites

2.1 An Online Site may contain links to other websites (including other social media websites) or applications which are owned or operated by third parties independent of Total Insurance Agencies (Third Party Sites). Total Insurance Agencies does not sponsor, endorse or approve of the operators of Third Party Sites, or material (including services, information, graphics, or data) which is located on such Third Party Sites (Third Party Material).

3. Social media content you submit to our Social Media Sites

3.1 When a user of any of our Social Media Sites (Social Media Site User) submits any personal information or materials via a Social Media Site including text, comments, recordings, images or otherwise (Social Media Site User Content), the Social Media Site User, unless Total Insurance Agencies advises otherwise , licenses and grants Total Insurance Agencies, its affiliates and sub-licensees a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, and sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish and display such Social Media Site User Content for any purpose in any media (including but not limited to, company brochures and other marketing and/or advertising material), without compensation, restriction on use, attribution or liability.  

3.2 Users agree that they are fully responsible for the Social Media Site User Content they submit. Total Insurance Agencies shall not be liable in any way for such Social Media Site User Content to the full extent permitted by law and shall not be deemed or considered to in any way authorise, endorse, approve or support any material submitted by any Social Media Site User. Total Insurance Agencies may screen and/or remove and/or request that the third party operator of any social media site or website remove any Social Media Site User Content without notice for any reason whatsoever. Social Media Site Users warrant and agree that: (a) they will not submit any Social Media Site User Content that is unlawful, fraudulent, or which may breach any intellectual property rights, privacy, publicity or other right, or is unreasonably commercial (for example, a ‘guerrilla marketing’ attempt), defamatory, obscene, profane, derogatory, pornographic, sexually inappropriate, violent, abusive, harassing, threatening, objectionable with respect to race, religion, origin or gender, not suitable for children aged under 15, misleading or deceptive, or otherwise unsuitable for publication; (b) they will obtain prior consent to the submission of their Social Media Site User Content from all persons who appear in (for example, in photographs) or have any rights in relation to any property that appears in or forms part of their Social Media Site User Content; (c) their Social Media Site User Content will be their own original work and, to the extent that any rights in that work (including copyright) are not owned by the Social Media Site User, they will obtain full prior consent from any person who has jointly created or has any rights in the Social Media Site User Content, to the uses and terms herein; (d) their Social Media Site User Content shall not contain viruses or cause injury or harm to any person or entity or device; and (e) they will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation, those governing copyright, content, defamation, privacy, publicity and the access or use of others' computer, mobile communications device or any other communication systems.

3.3 Without limiting any other terms herein, the Social Media Site User agrees to indemnify Total Insurance Agencies (and any of its related bodies corporate) for any loss or expense Total Insurance Agencies and/or any of its related bodies corporate may suffer in relation to any breach of the above terms.

3.4 Social Media Site Users consent to any use of their Social Media Site User Content in accordance with term 3 which may otherwise infringe their moral rights pursuant to the Copyright Act 1968, including Total Insurance Agencies or its affiliates and sub-licensees using and reproducing that Social Media Site User Content without attributing it to the Social Media Site User, or making modifications or adaptations to the Social Media Site User Content for the purpose of reproducing, publishing or displaying that modified or adapted content in another media. Social Media Site Users warrant and agree that they will, prior to its submission, obtain an equivalent consent from each other person who has created the Social Media Site User Content. The Social Media Site User agrees to indemnify Total Insurance Agencies (and any of its related bodies corporate) against all costs and claims by third parties arising from a breach of this warranty.

4. Termination

4.1 Termination of these Online Terms These Online Terms and/or your access to our Online Site(s) may be terminated at any time by Total Insurance Agencies. You may terminate your use of our Online Sites at anytime. However, all restrictions, licences granted by you, and all disclaimers and exclusions of and limitations on liability of Total Insurance Agencies, will survive any termination. Upon termination you must not directly or indirectly access or use the relevant Online Site(s) or any Site Content on the relevant Online Site(s).

4.2 Prohibition on access post termination Upon termination of these Online Terms or your right to access to our Online Site(s), you must not directly or indirectly access or use any part of our Online Site(s) or any Site Content.

5. Privacy on our Online Sites

5.1 In addition to the provisions of these Online Terms there may also be additional privacy provisions that apply to your use of an Online Site or as a result of your membership (or your application for membership) of a third party social media website that hosts a Total Insurance Agencies Social Media Site. Should you decide to register for or participate in a promotion or other activity, or purchase a product or service from us, you will be bound by the relevant terms of that promotion, activity, product or service.

5.2 Notwithstanding any other term in these Online Terms, you agree and freely acknowledge that when you submit comments, recordings, images or other personal content, for public display on an Online Site, that  content may be available for anyone in the world to read and/or view and/or comment on and potentially download. See term 3 for further information about the public display of your content.

5.3 Unless otherwise stated, when you post a public comment or upload other public data to an Online Site, that information may be displayed by Total Insurance Agencies in accordance with terms 3. Your information may also be retained by Total Insurance Agencies where we believe there is a legal reason to retain it for a longer period.

5.4 When a user of an Online Site (Online Site User), including any Social Media Site User referred to in term 3 above, submits any personal information via an Online Site, whether in the form of text, comments, recordings, images or otherwise (Online Site User Content) (for the avoidance of doubt, Online Site User Content includes Social Media Site User Content, as far as is relevant in the circumstances), the Online Site User consents to that personal information being collected by Total Insurance Agencies and used and disclosed for any purpose permitted by these Online Terms, and otherwise as permitted by relevant privacy laws in Australia.

5.5 In the case of personal information which is provided to Total Insurance Agencies for public display by a Social Media Site User (this includes any ‘tweet’ you send to Total Insurance Agencies on Twitter, which we may “re-tweet” to other Twitter users), Total Insurance Agencies may display that information to other Online Site Users or otherwise display the Online Site User Content for any purpose in any media (including, but not limited to, commercial brochures and/or other advertising material). See also term 3 for what other uses and/or disclosures Total Insurance Agencies may make of a Social Media Site User’s personal information and what limits it imposes.

5.6 Total Insurance Agencies may collect personal information belonging to an Online Site User, such as their name, email address or social media site alias, in order to provide them with the interaction or outcome they have requested. This may require Total Insurance Agencies to disclose an Online Site User’s personal information to one or more third parties, including but not limited to agents or external service providers.

5.7 If you are using an Online Site such that you are submitting your personal information, you should also first read and understand any separate privacy policy or policies that may apply to your use of any social media website that hosts our Online Site or is connected to any special function or promotion that you are entering. Total Insurance Agencies is not responsible to you for the information handling practices of any such third party, including any host website or service provider.

5.8 Our Online Sites may contain links to Third Party Sites. Third Party Sites should contain their own privacy statements and those third parties are responsible for informing you about their security and privacy practices.

5.9 You agree to obtain the prior consent of any other person whose personal information (whether in the form of words, images, recordings or otherwise) you submit to Total Insurance Agencies via an Online Site, including any Social Media Site. We will collect this information from you in good faith and take reasonable precautions to ensure it is handled in accordance with relevant Australian privacy laws. If you are not sure whether the other person would agree with you providing their personal information to Total Insurance Agencies, please exercise caution and DO NOT provide it to us. 

If you require any more information or have any questions about our site’s disclaimer, please feel free to contact us by email at

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